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Technology - Efficient, Improved Vending Experience

To remain at the forefront of vending, A & M Vending places an emphasis on utilizing emerging technologies that enhance the user experience. We incorporate ergonomic consumer interfaces that facilitate an easy, seamless transaction. The software we use is leading vending into a new era of technological standards, with machines that run smoother, respond faster, and create an entirely new vending experience.



Vending's biggest problem has been solved - No more product jams! SureVend uses special infrared technology to ensure that your products vend properly. If a selection doesn't drop, SureVend detects the failure and tries again twice. And if for some reason it still won't drop, consumers can select another product or choose to receive their money back. With this SureVend Technology, you'll avoid tedious service calls, failed vends, and frustrated consumers.


Credit Card Acceptors 

Vending machines installed can also equipped with credit card acceptors, which give the customer the ability to purchase items using coins, currency along with Credit or Debit cards. In many of our locations we see a large portion of our sales coming from cashless transactions.    


Energy Star-Rated Vending Machines

Energy Star-Rated Vending Machines. We are actively installing LED lighting on all our machines to help cut power usage in accordance with energy star guidelines. This also reduces cooling costs since LED's produce very little heat!


Fresh And Frozen Food Temperature Control

The Health Control Temperature Setting is a computer-monitored temperature regulation system that guarantees food safety. With the tightest temperature control in the industry, A & M Vending boosts consumer confidence in products. We maintain and transport a full array of refrigerated and frozen products easily and safely.


Custom Vending

Looking to put your graphics on the front of the vending machine? Let us help you make your breakroom stand out from the crowd. Make that bank of machines stand out and take advantage of the power of marketing with large display areas that can be customized to your needs. We can design or even help you design a custom look for the vending equipment. It can be tailored to your specific type of business. Here are a few samples of custom machine fronts and area decor.











































Between our competitive prices and our wide variety of services, the choice is easy. For additional information about A & M Vending please call us at (708) 837-6574

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