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 Micro Mart


Powered by Parlevel Systems Inc.

With things getting faster and more efficient every day, it’s only logical that A & M would apply this option for your break room. A & M  is equipped with only the finest kiosks in the industry, Par Level Systems Kiosks deliver a remarkably more convenient and economical solution. In fact, they’re one of the fastest growing format in automatic merchandising. With our Micro Mart, space once occupied by a few inefficient vending machines is quickly transformed into a upscale vending market, stocked with what your employees want. 

What are the Advantages

Switching from traditional vending to a micro mart. Our Micro-markets are very attractive and employ the latest and greatest technology. Every micro-market offers up to 350 to 400 products, it’s the ideal choice for compaines that want more variety for their employees. We understand this, and for that reason we have expanded our product line to most popular items and beverages, as well as traditional brands. With this approach in mind, every micro market is created specifically for you and your compaines needs. Upgrading your current vending program to an A & M Mart you will immediately have hundreds of options at your fingertips, including the fresh and healthy items that are so high in demand in this day in age. 

Other Benefits:

~ Customers can physically touch the products and view nutritional content before purchase.

~ Reduces travel expenses for snacks and lunch, as well as extended breaks for employees.

~ Loss of money or refund issues dramatically contained.

~ Service calls are very limited.

~ Health & Wellness Programs available.
~ Link your fingerprint to your account for a simple, quick, and secure checkout
~ Convenience and ease of a personal market open 24/7
~ Ability to customize product selection
~ Rewards and incentive programs with Par Level Kiosk 
24-hour security system and virtually no service calls


One of our clients recently told us,“You guys have made convenience stores inconvenient.” We couldn’t have said it any better, ourselves.

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